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Development, manufacturing and sales of a complete range stationary batteries from 1 up to 12000Ah.

Brands and technologies

   SONNENSCHEIN Sealed maintenance-free GEL batteries 

A200 - A400 - A500(C) - A600 (OPzV) - A700 (OGiV) - Solar  

        TUDOR & FULMEN Flooded batteries   

  OGi - OPzS - OCSM - GroE - Enersol

                   Sealed maintenance-free AGM batteries         

     GNB  Product range   


Technical advice & calculation for batteries in telecom, Ups,DC-powersupplies,  security, railway, energy production, solar and other stationary or cyclic applications.

Battery-racks, -cabinets, chargers, rectifiers, connections, complete installations, cabling, maintenance and inspection contracts

Exide Network Power is a division of Exide Technologies group which is the world number one in the production and sales of lead-acid batteries. The Network Power division is specialized in standby batteries and is a well-proven partner for battery backup in all telecom, DC power, railway,Ups and military applications. We developed the most comprehensible and diversified range on the market in sealed lead-acid, VRLA AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat fiber)and electrolyte GEL technologies.

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